How can NEXXT improve your organization

Efficient sharing of knowledge is indispensable for a company or educator. By providing the right information at the right times, you fully support the employee or student in their journey. Thanks to the versatility of the platform, it is possible to bundle all knowledge into a clear learning platform.

Your own online academy
Accessible 24/7 for your employees, students or customers. 
Super Easy
With our no code builder you can easily create engaging and interactive digital journeys.
Distribute your information over a timeline and create unique experiences.

QR code
Your content can be easily shared via a QR code. 

One platform for knowledge sharing

Pre-boarding: Already involved before the first day. Be top off mind with future talent.

Remove any doubts and give the onboarder confidence to get off to a flying start. Who are my colleagues or fellow students, where I am, how should I dress. Help the onboarder to start confidently.


Onboarding: Create amazing personalized onboarding programs for your new onboarders.

Increase participation, create a running start and reduce outflow with a simple and easy to use onboarding solution. With NEXXT Journeys you give your onboarder the opportunity to interactively participate in a unique onboarding program.

Offboarding: Unfortunately, saying goodbye does exist. But that can also be done in a fun way, right?

A goodbye but in a fun way. Create an ambassador and receive valuable feedback that will benefit your organization or school. The NEXXT Journeys platform helps you turn a departing employee into an ambassador!


Training: Train and stimulate employees.

Training of employees can be used to instruct and at the same time improve the daily working methods and business processes. Good employee training is indispensable in today's company. Customer training promotes customer relationship and connects customers to your company and product in a unique way.

Digital manual: Make your information available everywhere.

Discover the many advantages of digital manuals: ease of use, interactivity and durability. Switch to this innovative solution and experience a more efficient, environmentally friendly and interactive way to understand and share product information.

Digital manual
Employer branding

Employer branding: Tell the story of your company.

Let your users discover the story behind a company through an interactive experience full of storytelling and gamification. Let potential customers and employees discover in a playful way what your company stand for. Transform them from customer of employee to ambassador.

Build stunning digital experiences

Unlock endless possibilities and unleash your creativity with our powerful journey builder solution. NEXXT Journeys is the perfect solution for building an online knowledge sharing and training academy. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, our platform allows anyone to create an engaging and interactive onboarding or training journey that will inspire and motivate your learners. Experience the power of NEXXT Journeys and take your training to the next level.