Creating Journeys:

Creating journeys is a breeze. A journey consists of multiple steps, built from one or more pages, easily created with our intuitive drag & drop builder.

Our platform offers unique features that simplify the sharing and retrieval of knowledge, allowing you to easily exchange and share data with others, such as managers, teams, and buddies.

Creating Journeys
Content Blocks

Content Blocks:

Our versatile content blocks enable you to quickly create engaging and interactive journeys.

Use videos, screen recordings, text, quizzes, ratings, and other fun, interactive elements to facilitate effective onboarding and training.

Timeline Feature:

Our platform stands out with the ability to share steps based on a timeline with participants. Create personalized onboarding experiences and share relevant information at the right time.

With steps, you create a timeline. Steps can vary from -30 days to +180 days from a date you set when assigning a user. With each step, the participant receives an email. Thanks to placeholders, you can personalize this email. 'Hi Karin, today is your first day at work

Timeline Feature
The Academy

The Academy:

Take advantage of our Academy to share knowledge with participants and build a knowledge center for your organization. Participants receive notifications about new content, can chat with buddies, and easily find previous knowledge.

QR Codes:

Easily share knowledge with QR codes, ideal for training, digital manuals, and employer branding.


QR Codes


Enhance the learning process by linking participants with buddies. Participants can chat with their buddy, and buddies can track the progress of the participants.


Build stunning journeys.

With our solution, anyone can create amazing digital experiences, and it's fun too! Make learning a celebration! You are the director of your knowledge academy.