How it works

Let's start. First you create a journey with one or more steps.
Our easy-to-use journey builder allows you to create amazing journeys.

1. Create a journey

Making a journey is very easy. Give the journey a name, description, select a journey type and set a time zone, and you're done. Oh well a nice introduction picture and yes you have started building the journey.

Add journey
Add step

2. Add steps to a journey

You can create a timeline with steps. Steps can range from -30 days to +180 from a date you set when assigning a user. The participant will receive an email for each step. You can personalize this mail with the help of placeholders. "Hi Karin today is your first working day"

3. Add pages to a step

A step contains one or more pages. Divide your content over multiple pages so that the content is better absorbed by the journey participant. Adding pages is a breeze. Do you want to change the page order or change the page? Of course no problem, as said you are in control and the director of the journey. 

Journey Template
Journey Builder

4. Build a page

Here you can shine! You can build a fanastic and professional page in no time. Use videos, images, use input fields, request feedback or build a quiz. You have all the tools to create kick-ass pages and start sharing knowledge and getting feedback.

5. Add a participant to a journey

After building the journey you can start adding one or more participants. Here you enter the start date or date of the journey.

If you use a timeline, we automatically build a journey for the participant based on the set timeline. If it is a one-time training, we will use a date on which the training is offered.

Do you want to share the results with other people? Enter the e-mail addresses and the results will be shared when completing a step.

Journey Participant
Journey Result

6. Share results & feedback

The journey participant completes a journey step and with that you have successfully shared knowledge. Whoohoo a step further and the participant is a little wiser again.

Optionally, you can request feedback and information using our smart dynamic forms. You can request feedback and information using input fields, ratings and / or a digital signature. You can easily share this collected information with, for example, HR or the manager or with the entire team.


Build stunning journeys.

Be inspired by the possibilities of our amazing journey builder solution. NEXXT Journeys is a great solution for building an online knowledge sharing and training academy. With NEXXT Journeys anyone can create an amazing onboarding or training journeys.