In the rapidly evolving business environment, it is necessary to keep learning and continuously improving your skills. Digital training offers the flexibility to learn where and when it suits you, and Nexxt Journeys plays an essential role in enabling this modern way of learning.

The Benefits of Digital Training

Digital training has numerous advantages over traditional training methods. It gives participants the freedom to set their own learning pace and makes learning accessible from any internet-enabled device.

  • Flexibility: Nexxt Journeys allows employees to train at their own pace and at times that work best for them, without the need to be physically present at a specific location.

  • Accessibility: With an internet connection, employees can access the training from their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Interactive Content: Nexxt Journeys allows you to develop engaging and interactive training courses, such as videos and quizzes.

The Power of Nexxt Journeys Academy

Nexxt Journeys offers a robust Academy feature that enables organizations to manage and improve their digital training.

  • Central Knowledge Base: Create a central knowledge base where all training and course materials are easily accessible to employees.

  • Customizable Pathways: Customize training routes based on individual needs and goals, creating a personalized learning experience.

  • Progress monitoring: Track employee progress.

Voordelen van Nexxt Journeys

Nexxt Journeys is dé oplossing voor organisaties die digitale training willen omarmen. Het platform biedt niet alleen de tools om boeiende digitale trainingen te ontwikkelen, maar het stelt je ook in staat om de effectiviteit van je trainingsprogramma's te optimaliseren.

  • Train medewerkers waar en wanneer het voor hen het beste uitkomt, waardoor hun flexibiliteit wordt vergroot.

  • Versterk de betrokkenheid en leerresultaten met interactieve en boeiende content.

  • Centraliseer al je trainingen en materialen in de Nexxt Journeys Academy voor eenvoudig beheer en toegang.

  • Volg de voortgang van medewerkers en pas trainingsprogramma's aan op basis van hun behoeften en prestaties.

Digitale training is de toekomst van leren, en Nexxt Journeys stelt organisaties in staat om deze toekomst te omarmen. Kies voor Nexxt Journeys en maak van digitale training een krachtige tool om de vaardigheden en kennis van je medewerkers te verbeteren, ongeacht waar ze zich bevinden. Samen kunnen we de manier waarop jouw organisatie leert en groeit transformeren.

Craft Remarkable Digital Learning Experiences.

Step into a realm of endless opportunities with our advanced journey builder. NEXXT Journeys: Your ultimate destination for crafting engaging online academies. Tailored for beginners and professionals alike, our system promises immersive onboarding and education sessions. Experience the NEXXT edge and raise your training benchmarks.


  • What can I do with the NEXXT Journeys platform?

    NEXXT Journeys is a unique solution for sharing and collecting information. We call this journeys. Journeys can be used for onboarding, offboarding, training and instructing employees or students.

    Our journey builder allows you to create great journeys very quickly and easily. Journeys can then be assigned to employees and students. Journeys can also receive results and these can be shared with the people you set up.

    NEXXT Journeys contains many smart features, too many to list here. Create a free demo account and discover for yourself what NEXXT Journeys can mean for your organization or school.
  • Is NEXXT Journeys mobile friendly?

  • Do I have to install NEXXT Journeys?

    Our software runs entirely in the cloud, so you don't have to maintain your own server park. Or to install something, no worries for you, we will take care of everything. We take care of maintenance, security and updates. A secure certified connection to our platform ensures that everyone is always & anywhere with his training information and training.
  • Is my data safe?

    Yes, all communication via and with NEXXT Journeys is secure and encrypted via an SSL Certificate. In addition, annual audits are carried out to ensure the operation and safety of NEXXT Journeys. Are there any hidden costs? No, there are none. You only pay for the users who are in your NEXXT Journeys environment. So: no extra start-up costs or service costs!
  • Who owns the content you create in NEXXT Journeys?

    That's you. All content you create within NEXXT Journeys remains yours and yours alone. NEXXT Journeys offers the learning platform, so that you can use your training as you want.
  • What are the costs and how are they calculated?

    This is super easy and transparent. At NEXXT we don't believe in hidden costs. On our rates page we list our price plans that you pay per user. From more than 500 users, we create your own environment and a customized price proposal for you.
  • How do I pay to NEXXT Journeys?

    When you take out a subscription with NEXXT Journeys, you can choose to pay by credit card or direct debit. We then debit the amount every month or year via the secure payment platform Stripe.