How to deal with difficult customers or explain a new product. Super easy! With the our platform you can create a training journey for your colleagues or customers in no time. Training-journeys are easy to assign to individual colleagues, customer or teams.

Knowledge sharing and updates are quick and easy to set up and roll out. Create an interactive process and at the same time collect feedback from your employees. Traditional emails are static and outdated and are often not even read. By using an interactive program you can offer the information step by step and your employees absorb the information better and faster.

On the job training

NEXXT Journeys 

Be inspired by the possibilities of our amazing journey builder solution. NEXXT Journeys is a great solution for building an online knowledge sharing and training academy. With NEXXT Journeys anyone can create an amazing onboarding or training journey.

Build stunning journeys 

With our solution, anyone can build kick-ass journeys and it's fun too! Make learning fun! You are the director for your knowledge academy.