The offboarding process is a crucial phase where valuable insights and feedback can be gathered to improve your organisation, school or university. By implementing an interactive offboarding process, you can not only improve retention, but also transform departing employees or students into ambassadors for the future.

Offboarding: more than a traditional final interview

  1. Gather valuable feedback: The offboarding process offers the opportunity to collect in-depth information about the reasons for leaving, pain points and areas for improvement for your organization.

  2. Improve retention and growth: Use the collected information to implement targeted improvements and increase employee or student retention.

  3. Step-by-step growth: With each leaver providing valuable feedback, your organization gradually gets better and stronger.

A positive farewell

  1. Create ambassadors: By offering a pleasant and positive farewell, you turn the offboarder into an ambassador for the future, which can lead to new opportunities and collaborations.

  2. Leave a good impression: Make sure the offboarder leaves with a satisfied feeling, so that your organization, school or university maintains a positive image in the eyes of the leaver.


An effective offboarding process is essential for gathering insights and improving your organization. Implement an interactive offboarding process to collect valuable feedback and ensure a positive farewell. In this way you stimulate growth, improve retention and create ambassadors for the future.



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