Pre-boarding is a crucial phase in which you involve new employees or students in your organization or school. With the NEXXT Journeys platform you can share knowledge in a fun and interactive way and prepare them for a flying start. Ensure a seamless exchange of information and help the onboarder confidently embark on their new adventure.

Pre-boarding: sharing knowledge and building trust

  1. Interactive knowledge sharing: Use the NEXXT Journeys platform to present the history, locations, products and services of your organization or school in an engaging and interactive way.

  2. Two-way communication: Use smart forms to request and share information with relevant parties, such as HR, the team, the manager, the mentor and the onboarding buddy.

  3. Answer important questions: Eliminate doubts and give the onboarder the information they need to get started with confidence, such as information about colleagues, dress code and other practicalities.

Benefits of effective pre-boarding

  1. Increase involvement: By sharing knowledge before day one, you involve new employees or students early on and increase their involvement from the start.

  2. Boost Confidence: Give onboarders the confidence to hit the ground running by providing them with the information they need and a clear picture of what to expect.

  3. Lay the foundation for success: A well-prepared onboarder is better able to contribute quickly and effectively to the organization or school and has a greater chance of success.


A well-organized pre-boarding is essential for involving and supporting new employees or students. With the NEXXT Journeys platform you can share knowledge in a fun and interactive way, build trust and lay a solid foundation for a successful onboarding.



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